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Workshops / Seminars

Workshops and Training Seminars

School Therapy Services can provide training for your group.  We have experience providing training to therapists, teachers, aides, parents and school administrators. We offer training on a variety of topics and several different time frames.  A brief description of the topics presently available is provided below.

  • Sensory Integration Disorders /  Intervention in the classroom  The variety of sensory integrative disorders appearing in schools are discussed.  Methods for formal and informal evaluation and strategies for treatment are detailed.  This is an activity based workshop. Participants will learn to grade and participate in activities designed to appeal to the different sensory needs of children with sensory integrative disorders. Available in half day, whole day and two day formats.

  • Right Brain / Left Brain and Executive Dysfunction There is an ever increasing number of students in the school system who are bright and motivated but are not able to achieve.  Many teachers report that these students “just can’t get the information down on paper”. Methods for determining the style of reasoning used by these students are detailed.  Activities for development of skills as well as compensatory strategies for survival in the classroom are presented.  This is an activity based workshop. Participants will learn to develop and grade activities that are appropriate for these bright students who “just can’t.”  Available in half day or whole day formats.

  • Low Tone Hands The impact of sedentary leisure activities in today’s students is seen in their hand skills at school.  An ever increasing number of students have difficulty with writing and other fine motor skills. This workshop illuminates the impact on fine motor and visual motor development in these children.  A variety of activities for individuals and groups are presented.  This is an activity based workshop. Participants will participate in and modify activities that are designed to build muscle tone in hands and develop associated skills.  Available in half day and full day formats.

Online registration for the above workshops is coming soon.  Visit our website again in the near future for this feature.  In the mean time call 1-800-643-8859 (24 hours) to request a schedule of currently scheduled workshops or to get additional information.

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Request a workshop in your area.  Select a workshop above or ask about a topic of interest to your group.  Let us know how we can help you by identifying your training needs. Please e-mail